Apollycon, Here I Come!

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Apollycon 2018

Hot off the heels of my first BookExpo, I’ve officially bought tickets for my next book event: Apollycon 2018! *throws confetti*

In case you’re not familiar, Apollycon is described as an annual reader event for various genres such as adult, new adult, and young adult. The majority of the authors write romance.

This year, Apollycon was in Orlando, so there was no way I could afford to go since I’d have to fly. But for 2018, the event will be in Washington, D.C., which is only about a three-hour drive from where I live. I decided I would go! I asked my friend and former coworker, Liz, if she wanted to go with me since she’s also a huge romance fan and she said yes!

We’ve been waiting months for tickets to go on sale and they finally did, this past Saturday at noon. More on that in a minute. We’ve also been waiting for the organizers to announce the venue, which they have. The hotel looks kind of swanky, in my opinion! (Swanky for me, anyway. lol) I’m super excited to stay there.

So, the tickets went on sale Saturday at noon. Keep in mind, for months the organizers have been putting information about the event in numerous places: the official site, Facebook, the attendees Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, and the email newsletter. This info included not only details about the different types of tickets and panels, but also tips on how to ensure a smooth checkout process.

At first, I didn’t get why they were repeating the same info over and over–but it quickly became clear to me why it was necessary. The night before and the morning of, prior to tickets going on sale, people in the FB group were asking the same kind of questions over and over–questions that had already been addressed numerous times, in a number of different places! Argh! I cannot imagine organizing one of these events. I couldn’t do it. I would literally go insane.

Tickets for the event sold out completely within an hour. One hour! And the highly coveted Titan passes sold out within minutes (or ONE minute, according to some). Luckily, I was able to score two Titan passes and complete my checkout very quickly. Feeling seriously lucky over here.

Judging from the comments in the FB group, many others were not as quick and missed out on tickets. Unfortunately, that’s how the cart system on Eventbrite works. You have to be SUPER fast to check out and complete your payment, otherwise someone faster than you will check out before you. That’s a huge bummer, I know, but sadly that’s the way the site works. I feel for the people who missed out, but with the way these sites and shopping carts work, you just HAVE to be incredibly fast. There is a waitlist available, and from what others have said, they were able to get tickets that way last time, so at least there’s that option for those who need it.

All that being said…

I am SO excited about Apollycon! Liz and I will be driving up Thursday and leaving on Sunday. There was a time when I’d be hesitant about driving during this type of trip, but no more! Last summer, I had to drive to West Virginia due to a death in our family and the return trip took me eight hours, yikes…but I did it! I’m also still coming down from my BookExpo/New York high and am ready for new adventures. I cannot wait to go on this next trip and meet so many of my favorite romance authors! 🙂 The author lineup is crazy good!

Is it too early to start a countdown? 😀

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