BookExpo Recap: Pre-Show

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I survived my first BookExpo! I had a wonderful time in New York and have lots of stories and pics to share. But before I get into the actual events of BookExpo, first I wanted to tell you about everything I did before the show.

BookExpo Recap

This was my first visit to New York in a long time (gulp…like 20 years, yikes). The first and only time I visited, it was just for the weekend and we took one of those tour buses where you basically just ride around the city and you don’t get the full experience at all. So in many ways, this felt like my first visit there.

My coworker Stevie and I flew in very early on Tuesday morning, so we had all afternoon to relax before heading to The Strand for Feminists Take on the Romance Genre. The weather was overcast but pretty nice, so we decided to do some tourist-type things in the meantime.

Times Square

We walked to Times Square. So much noise and energy! There was also a string quartet in the midst of it, which was pretty cool.


We walked to the New York Public Library, which is gorgeous outside…


…and inside.

Empire State Building

Hello, Empire State Building!

Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building, home of Macmillan Publishing.

The Strand

We made it to The Strand! We wandered around for a while just taking everything in–18 miles of books! We got a little turned around looking for the rare book room, which is on the third floor but only accessible by exiting the building and re-entering through the side…? I don’t pretend to understand. By the time we got into the room for the feminist talk, seating was quite full and we had trouble seeing from where we were seated. 🙁 But I did manage to take at least one decent pic.

While we were waiting for the talk to start, Stevie and I struck up a conversation with someone sitting next to us. Turns out it was author A. C. Rose, whose name I could swear I’ve seen before but whose books I haven’t read yet. I’m definitely going to check her out, though. She was so lovely and nice to chat with!

Feminists Take on the Romance Genre

Pictured are moderator Cristina Arreola and authors Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Maya Rodale, and Sarah MacLean. This was a fantastic talk that was feminist, sex-positive, and really just a celebration of the romance genre. The talk also totally made me fangirl over Eloisa James even more than I already did prior to seeing her in person. But there’s more to that story…stay tuned. 🙂 The whole talk is available on YouTube:

I received Julia Quinn’s latest book with my ticket, but Stevie and I left without getting my book signed because the line was so long. We had been walking so much that day and were pretty tired. When we went back downstairs to browse The Strand some more, we ran into A. C. Rose again–who surprised us with the news that feminist icon Gloria Steinem had been in the audience at the talk! She even got a pic with her. So awesome!

We lingered a little longer (I bought Maya Rodale’s third book in the Cavendishes series, along with a Strand tote and magnet), then headed back to our hotel to rest up before day 1 of BookExpo…

…which I’ll tell you all about in my next post, so come back for that! 🙂

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