Hello Again!

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Hello again!

I’m the worst romance blogger because I haven’t posted any reviews here in literal months! 🙁 First, I wanted to apologize for taking an unintentional hiatus from reviewing. What began as a romance-reading funk turned into radio silence when I realized I just wasn’t having much luck with reading romance lately.

I think what’s happened is that the past several romance novels I’ve picked up in recent weeks have been heavy on the angst, which I just haven’t been in the mood for. During my romance hiatus, I’ve been super into reading crime fiction and true crime, so I think I need lighter romances to balance out the heavier mystery/suspense/thriller genre.

On that note, right now I’m trying to choose romances that aren’t quite so angsty. At the moment, I’m reading Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh and I’m really enjoying it. This is also the first book I’ve read by Singh. I know that she writes hugely popular paranormal books, but Cherish Hard is a contemporary (and I’m not much of a paranormal reader in general anyway). If you have any recommendations for romance that’s on the lighter side—little to no drama—please let me know! Bonus if they’re by authors of color and/or about characters who are people of color.

Speaking of which, I want to be more selective about the books that I review here going forward. I really want to elevate romance that’s diverse and written by authors of color, especially those writing #ownvoices novels. Again, please send me your recommendations!

I’m blogging my crime reviews at Read All the Crime and have chatted on Instagram with a few romance readers who are also into crime fiction and/or true crime as well—the crossover is interesting!

Coincidentally, today is the second birthday for Read All the Romance. I just want to say thank you for reading my reviews the past two years. Even though it’s been quiet around here lately, I hope to change that and get back into the swing of things soon. 🙂

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