Review: Absolve Me by Morgaine Cameron

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Review: Absolve Me by Morgaine CameronAbsolve Me
by Morgaine Cameron

Published by Carina Press on March 20, 2017
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Erotic
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

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I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.

Forgive me, for I have sinned.
And again.

Sex. Seduction. Intimacy. As a licensed sex surrogate, Liza Branscombe helps people overcome their sexual issues and find ways to thrive. When a colleague requests a favor for a client, she agrees without pause. But Dominic La Sera is unlike any client she's encountered before.

Dominic is handsome, funny — and celibate. He won't talk about the reasons why. He just wants her to help him exorcise the wicked desires he's struggling to overcome.

Dominic's dark desires parallel Liza's own — very personal — kinky fantasies, bringing out a side of her no man has commanded before. With each session, the line between professional and personal interest blurs. But it all comes to a crashing halt when she learns Dominic's secret. The reason he's long been denying his sexual hungers.

Dominic is a priest. And in order to stay true to his vows, he needs to play out his immoral thoughts or forever be a holy sinner.

Absolve Me by Morgaine Cameron is the definition of taboo. It’s also erotic romance at its finest.

Liza is a sex surrogate. Sex is the therapeutic conduit through which she helps people overcome issues with intimacy. And when Liza’s not working hard, she’s playing even harder. She has a very particular set of kinks–mainly BDSM, where she is a submissive. She frequents a local club to satisfy her physical needs, but doesn’t have much time for a relationship since she’s so consumed by work.

Liza receives a referral from a therapist colleague, requesting her expertise. Traditional therapy with this client seems to have reached a standstill and Liza’s friend is hoping that Liza can help. Liza doesn’t have much information about this mysterious client, other than the fact that he’s celibate by choice and has some intense issues he needs to work through. She agrees to take him on.

Dominic is intentionally vague about his life, but it’s clear that he struggles with his identity as a sexual being. Because of this, Liza wants to help him explore his desires and fantasies, free of guilt or shame.

After a couple sessions, Liza and Dominic have sex, as is normal for Liza as a surrogate. However, things take a huge turn when Liza discovers that Dominic is a priest.

That’s right. An honest to God, Roman Catholic, mass-holding, communion-ministering, man of the cloth, PRIEST. I knew about this before I started the book–it’s there in the summary–but when Liza finds out for the first time, I might’ve clapped my hands in glee because I’m a sacrilegious sicko like that.

This book is seriously taboo in so many ways. As their professional relationship evolves, the lines between therapy and reality become quite blurred. Liza begins to develop feelings for Dominic, which is inappropriate for a few reasons: namely, he’s her client and also, he’s a PRIEST.

Essentially, Dominic is struggling with his sexual urges and needs to decide once and for all if he should stay in the priesthood or leave it. His therapy with Liza is designed to help him decide. However, like Liza, Dominic feels a connection that goes beyond what happens on a professional level.

Additionally, Liza and Dominic are sexually compatible because they share the same types of kinks–Dominic is dominant (Dom the Dom) and Liza is submissive. So, not only are their sessions extremely useful in helping Dominic explore his sexuality freely, but also sex between them is just plain mind-blowing.

As they learn to trust each other more, the role play and fantasies become increasingly involved. Trigger warning: there’s a scene of rape fantasy, which some readers may find disturbing, so I think it’s important to mention. In the context of their relationship, the role play is fitting. It’s clear that Liza and Dominic are equals and consenting participants. Although Liza is submissive, she clearly holds the control and power in each sexual encounter.

Personally, I would have liked more insight into Dominic’s internal struggle. We see glimpses of it via his sessions with Liza, but I suppose I just wanted to get into his twisted and delicious mind a bit more.

Halfway through the story, I was hoping and praying that the second half would be just as good. This was a quick read for me, but it certainly delivers on all fronts and my deviant prayers were answered.

Fans of Sierra Simone’s Priest will likely enjoy Absolve Me. Although they tread in similar forbidden waters, each story is unique and stands on its own.

I loved Absolve Me and recommend it to anyone looking for erotic romance that pushes boundaries and isn’t afraid to cross the line. I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading more from Morgaine Cameron in the future.

Hallelujah, amen, and also with you.

Rating: 5 stars


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