Review: Brokedown Cowboy by Maisey Yates

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Review: Brokedown Cowboy by Maisey YatesBrokedown Cowboy
by Maisey Yates

Series: Copper Ridge #2
Published by Harlequin HQN on May 26, 2015
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Cowboys
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

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I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.

There are lines best friends shouldn't cross, but in Copper Ridge, Oregon, the temptation might be too much…

If practice makes perfect, Connor Garrett should be world champion of being alone. Since losing his wife he's concentrated exclusively on his family's ranch. Until Felicity Foster needs a place to stay and Connor invites her to move in temporarily. That's what friends do. What friends don't do? Start fantasizing about each other in their underwear. Or out of it…

Since high school, Liss has kept her raging crush in check. But helping Connor rebuild his life only reinforces how much she longs to be a part of it. One explosive encounter, and she'll discover that getting what you always wanted can feel better than you ever dreamed…

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if this book would work for me. I loved the first Copper Ridge book, so I had high hopes, but wasn’t sure if I’d like Connor and Liss as much as I liked Eli and Sadie. While it took me a little time to warm up to Connor, I ended up loving this book just as much as the first one.

Connor is a broken man. A widower for the past three years, he hasn’t been able to let go of the grief and pain of losing his wife. As such, he has done a good job of keeping the people closest to him at arm’s length, such as his siblings and closest friends.

Connor’s best friend for the past 18 years is Felicity, aka Liss. Liss has been secretly in love with Connor since they were in high school. It’s a tricky situation because Liss was also close friends with Jessie, Connor’s wife. Liss had her heart broken when Jessie and Connor got married, then broken again when her good friend died.

One thing he was sure of now more than ever: if he didn’t move forward, he would die where he sat.

Since Jessie’s death, Connor has descended into a deep sorrow that no one has been able to lift him out of. And although Liss wants more with Connor, she knows he’s in too much pain to see her as anything other than his good friend. But Liss has stuck by Connor, even when he has drowned his grief in alcohol and pushed everyone away. She’s always been in love with him but she’s also his most loyal friend.

Through an unfortunate turn of events, Liss ends up without a place to live, so Connor offers to let her move in with him on his family’s ranch. After she moves in, the two of them have to confront their feelings for each other and reevaluate the other’s place in their life.

At first, the relationship becomes physical and they attempt to keep it that way. But ultimately, feelings, emotions, and hearts get involved. Soon, it’s not enough just to have sex and leave it there.

You just told me not to settle, well, I’m not settling. I’m not settling for friendship when what I want is everything.

Liss has spent her life conceding to other people’s wishes, so she has to learn to take a stand and tell Connor what she truly wants from him. But it’s not easy for Connor, either. He has spent so much time grieving that he doesn’t remember how to live. He is faced with a choice: stay where you are in misery, or choose to start again.

He might have spent time in hell, but right now he was walking straight through the darkest part. But he wasn’t alone.

This series is only two books (plus a prequel) in so far, but I just adore the Garrett family and Copper Ridge. The characters are likable and relatable, and the dialogue always makes me laugh–when it’s not bringing tears to my eyes. Several times during my read, I felt that emotional clench in my gut that only happens when I’m reading something really moving and special. I definitely recommend this book. It’s a keeper.

Rating: 5 stars


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