Review: Broken Resolutions by Olivia Dade

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Review: Broken Resolutions by Olivia DadeBroken Resolutions
by Olivia Dade

Series: Lovestruck Librarians #1
Published by Lyrical Shine on December 8, 2015
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Format: Ebook
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Romance has never had a happy ending for librarian Penny Callahan, who could write the book on cheating, heartbreaking liars. So she’s made a resolution: no men for the next twelve months. If she can just get through the library’s New Year’s Eve singles night, she can return home to her pajamas and a good book. But when she finds herself checking out a hot hunk with an irresistible smile, an evening in the stacks becomes a lot more tempting…

Reclusive author Jack Williamson never should have trusted his mother. Even though he’s trying to avoid being recognized, she guilts him into attending a dating meet-and-greet—where an adorable librarian makes him question his lonely lifestyle. Is this just a fleeting, flirty scene? Or could love be the next chapter for them both?

Broken Resolutions is a fun novella that kicks off a new series, Lovestruck Librarians. It takes place during New Year’s Eve and introduces an entertaining set of characters. Since I work in a public library, I appreciated all the library references and jokes and sympathized with the characters appropriately.

Penelope (aka Penny) is a librarian in a rural Maryland branch. While her character comes across as a bit cliche at first–she’s the shy, introverted librarian type–the cause of her hesitance in matters of love is soon revealed. Penny has had her heart broken in the past by not just one, but two cheating ex-boyfriends. Needless to say, she’s eager to take a break from men. So she’s made a New Year’s resolution to give up men during the upcoming year.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m not wearing makeup, a tight dress, or uncomfortable heels. I’m not feeling awkward in a crowd. I’m not worrying about what’s going to happen at midnight. I’m not evaluating whether or not to kiss some guy I barely know. Right now I’m sitting on my couch at home, wearing my pajamas. I’m eating my burger and fries in front of the television. This is basically a dream come true for me. Please don’t ruin it.

Penny, you are my spirit animal.

Jack is a successful but reclusive author. He’s also a divorced dad to Casey, his four-year-old daughter. When he and his wife divorced, he wanted to keep his daughter out of the media spotlight, so he shies away from publicity whenever possible.

So when Jack’s widowed mom drags him to a New Year’s Eve dating program at the library, he feels duped and tricked. But he doesn’t have the heart to abandon his mom there, so he stays. His attention is quickly drawn to Penny, who also takes mutual notice of Jack. As the night goes on, the two are thrown together during a series of games and activities that Penny’s coworker created for the event.

I enjoyed this book so much! There’s quite of bit of comedy and I highlighted dozens of lines that made me laugh, like this one:

Looks respectable enough. Then again, so do most serial killers, right before they make you put the lotion in the bucket.

The cast of characters is hilarious, especially Jack’s mom, Brenda, along with Penny’s friend and coworker, Angie. The next book in the series focuses on Angie and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Since this is a novella, the story moves along at a very quick pace and I got a strong sense of insta-love from Jack and Penny. I would have preferred a longer passage of time prior to declarations of love, but overall I didn’t mind the fast pace too much.

There’s some mild drama, but as a whole, this is a lighthearted romance that I recommend. As I mentioned, I plan on reading the next title in the series and I hope it’s just as enjoyable.

Rating: 4 stars


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