Review: Calling the Play by Samantha Kane

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Review: Calling the Play by Samantha KaneCalling the Play
by Samantha Kane

Series: Birmingham Rebels #2
Published by Loveswept on December 1, 2015
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Cops, Erotic, LGBTQ+, Menage, Sports
Format: Ebook
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Quarterback Tyler Oakes plays hard and parties even harder. That reckless lifestyle nearly derailed his career, and now the Birmingham Rebels are Ty’s last shot at football immortality. But staying out of trouble can take its toll—especially for a man with a taste for girls and guys. Because curvy, gorgeous Randi McInish is just the kind of trouble he’d like to get into.

A tough-as-nails undercover cop, Randi meets her match in Ty. After they get wrapped up together in a drug bust and a high-speed car chase, Randi’s eager to take the notorious bad boy for another wild ride. Turns out Ty already has something in mind. When he introduces her to the Rebels’ sexy new quarterback coach, things start heating up a little too fast for Randi.

Brian Mason coached Ty in college, and boy do they have history together. With Brian taking control on the field and in the bedroom, they were an unstoppable team. But Brian, blindsided by love, ran from his feelings for Ty. He won’t let Randi make the same mistake. Both men agree they need more than each other. They want a woman they can share. And when they make a pleasure play for Randi, all three are sure to score.

Calling the Play is the second installment in Samantha Kane’s Birmingham Rebels series. The Rebels are a ragtag NFL team made up of all the cast offs, troublemakers, and rejects who none of the other teams wanted. In book #1, Broken Play, we met Cass, Beau, and Marian, who ended up in a triad relationship. Book #2 focuses on Ty, Brian, and Randi, who also end up in an MMF/MFM triad.

Ty is the quarterback for the Rebels, but he’s hardly a golden boy. He has a checkered past, which includes a drinking problem as well as a bogus drug charge. He has always been reliable for a good time, but not much else. However, he’s starting to feel weary of the party lifestyle and finds himself wanting more.

Brian had coached Ty in college and the two had been involved romantically. But after Ty declared his love, Brian took off because he believed neither of them was ready for a serious relationship at that time. Additionally, the two had shared a woman. Brian moved on, even marrying the woman that he used to share with Ty. But the monogamous life wasn’t for her, so she and Brian divorced.

Brian comes back into Ty’s life when he’s asked to join the Rebels as one of their coaches. Admittedly, he’s drawn to the offer because of his history with Ty. When they meet again, it’s clear that there are still unresolved feelings between them.

Meanwhile, Randi is a feisty, headstrong cop with the Birmingham PD. She meets Ty at a local bar one night when she’s undercover, working a drug case. Randi and Ty hook up and their one night stand turns into something more, especially once Randi meets Brian and learns about their complicated past.

Randi is equally attracted to Brian as she is to Ty. The relationship soon evolves into a ménage, which Ty and Brian need to feel fulfilled. Pretty soon, Randi sees the appeal of the arrangement.

What begins as something physical and fun quickly turns into something significant when Ty and Brian realize they’re falling for each other all over again. Once Randi is added to that mix, Ty and Brian’s feelings for each other are only intensified. This is all new for Randi, but she can’t deny her strong attraction to both men.

I really liked Randi as a character. As a female cop in a male-dominated field, by necessity she’s extremely tough and doesn’t show vulnerability. In her personal life, she’s very casual about sex and doesn’t apologize for it. I loved that about her. But like anyone else, she needs someone she can confide in. She finds that in both Ty and Brian.

Ty and Brian are a package deal and they compliment each other’s personalities well: Ty is laid back, while Brian is more structured. Also, Brian is an interesting contradiction because he’s assertive on the field, sweet in his relationships, and somewhat dominant in the bedroom. This is a perfect combination for Ty and Randi, who are more than willing to let Brian take the lead.

For me, the relationship between Ty and Brian is the most believable since they had been together in the past. It made sense that they could easily fall in love again. I found the inclusion of Randi plausible, but the depth of feelings for her–on both men’s part–happens too quickly. They’ve only known Randi for one week before jumping into an exclusive relationship and throwing around the l-word. The sex scenes themselves are super hot, but I just had trouble with how quickly the relationship becomes serious.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book and plan on reading the next one in the series. The author has created a unique cast of characters and I’m interested to find out whose story is next.

I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review. This book has since been published and my review is for the finished version.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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