Review: Crazy, Stupid Sex by Maisey Yates

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Review: Crazy, Stupid Sex by Maisey YatesCrazy, Stupid Sex
by Maisey Yates

Published by Harlequin on February 11, 2014
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Format: Ebook
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How to Land the Hot Guy 1.0

A multimillionaire by the age of 27, app developer Evie James is clueless when it comes to hooking up. So she does what any self-respecting geek-girl looking to get laid would do: she programs her own app for landing a hot guy. After a few failed attempts at making contact, beta testing leads her to Caleb Anderson.

Caleb is used to female attention, but finds himself attracted to Evie because of her unique brand of awkward. A master of one-night stands, he's more than happy to show her what she's been missing in the bedroom. But he quickly discovers that one night with a woman like Evie will never be enough for him…

Crazy, Stupid S*x by Maisey Yates is part of Cosmo’s Red Hot Reads line, which I’m a huge fan of. Red Hot Reads are typically shorter than an average novel and they feature strong female characters who aren’t afraid to go after what they want in life and love.

Maisey Yates’s books are perfect for this line. Yates has become one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. She has an ability to combine hilarious dialogue with poignant, heart-tugging moments and steamy romance. It’s an interesting combination that keeps me coming back to her books.

Crazy, Stupid S*x features Evie, an app developer who also happens to be a millionaire. How refreshing is that? I’m pretty burned out on billionaire heroes, but a millionaire heroine? Yes, please. Evie is currently working on a dating tips app for Flirt magazine (think Cosmo). While testing the tips out herself, Evie is faced with the fact that she’s kind of clueless about dating and s*x. She hasn’t had much experience, and her last boyfriend was a major dud. So when she meets Caleb and he agrees to help her test the app, as it were, it’s a win-win for both of them.

Caleb comes from a wealthy family. He’s basically mooching off their money and not doing anything substantial with his life. At first, he comes across as a huge player and seemingly has no depth. How wrong that assumption is.

Caleb Anderson was full of shit. And she knew it. Had known it for a while, really. And yet it had only just become clear to her how false, how brittle, his playboy facade was.

As Evie and Caleb spend more time together, they realize that their casual hookup is turning into much more. And as this is happening, Caleb begins to reevaluate his life–including some heartbreaking events that led him to where he is today.

I really loved this book. Evie’s on a journey of self-discovery regarding what she wants in a relationship, but Caleb’s in a similar position of discovery, too. He likes to pretend that he has his act together. Turns out that he really doesn’t and it’s Evie who helps to open his eyes.

“Can I just be with you? Or should I leave you alone?” His hands came up and bracketed her face, his eyes snapping open, his dark brown gaze intense. “No,” he said. “I’m always alone. Don’t leave me alone. Please.”

For me, it’s always a nice change of pace to read about a successful, strong female character who doesn’t need the male to sweep in and rescue her. In this story, it’s actually Caleb who needs rescuing from himself. That’s what makes this book such a refreshing, funny, and utterly romantic read.

“But you have me. You have my love. You have life. It doesn’t matter if you deserve it or not.”

Rating: 5 stars


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