Review: Dirty Talk, Blissful Surrender by Opal Carew

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Review: Dirty Talk, Blissful Surrender by Opal CarewDirty Talk, Blissful Surrender
by Opal Carew

Series: Dirty Talk #4
Published by the Author (Self-Published) on May 23, 2017
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Erotic
Format: Ebook
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Sonny has a debilitating fear of men. Tal is a scary looking tattooed bad-ass. Can Tal get Sonny past her fear and help her become whole?

After the incident with a man from Sonny’s past, Tal’s actions drop a barrier between him and Sonny that might be too devastating for either of them to get past.

Tal’s future is uncertain and Sonny has to face some things she doesn’t know if she can handle. Especially without Tal.

Although their relationship seems broken beyond repair, Tal tries to be there to support Sonny through her ordeal. Sonny finds strength in all that’s happened to her… and to Tal… and fights for what she wants.

She tries to convince Tal that despite what has happened, his nature is not that of a violent good-for-nothing as he’s come to believe most of his life. She opens herself to him, showing him her full vulnerability and trust, and they experience an intimacy and closeness neither would have believed possible.

Afterward, will Tal close up again and walk away, denying the future they could have together? Or will Sonny be able to convince him that, despite what they’ve both suffered, love can conquer all?

The Dirty Talk series by Opal Carew has become one of my favorites series ever. I had high hopes for Blissful Surrender, the final episode, and it did not disappoint. In fact, I may have had an out of body experience from swooning so hard. It’s that good.

At the end of Sweet Release, Sonny found herself face to face with someone from her traumatic past. As expected, Tal comes to her immediate defense. While Sonny is grateful to Tal for protecting her, she’s also taken aback by his violent side. Until now, she has only heard stories about it; this is the first time she has witnessed it.

Tal is devastated to have scared Sonny, even momentarily. In an effort to help her, he pushes her away–despite the fact that he has realized he’s in love with her. Can Sonny prove to Tal that he’s the only man she wants and trusts with her whole heart?

Sonny and Tal’s relationship evolves with each episode in the series, so by the final book, they share a special intimacy that feels sincere. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Tal is the romance hero of my dreams. He’s protective of Sonny and wants her to feel safe, but also doesn’t want to stand in the way of her healing process. On the contrary, he just wants to care for her however he can, whether that’s in the role of friend or lover.

Sonny truly comes into her own in this final installment. Where she once was scared and broken, with Tal’s support she has found the inner strength to confront the demons from her past and look them in the eye. Sonny goes on a journey that leaves her confident and empowered.

As always, the accompanying audio clip enhances the story. This final clip just might be the hottest thing on the planet.

I’m so happy with this series as a whole, but it’s a bittersweet feeling because part of me just didn’t want it to end. I’ll definitely be reading the series again in the future. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5 stars


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