Review: Dirty Talk, Sweet Release by Opal Carew

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Review: Dirty Talk, Sweet Release by Opal CarewDirty Talk, Sweet Release
by Opal Carew

Series: Dirty Talk #3
Published by the Author (Self-Published) on May 16, 2017
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Erotic
Format: Ebook
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Sonny has a debilitating fear of men. Tal is a scary looking tattooed bad-ass. Can Tal get Sonny past her fear and help her become whole?

After learning a terrifying secret about Tal, Sonny has been thrown into emotional turmoil and draws away from him. Tal thinks she’s backing away because of the step forward he helped her take in her sexuality.

Later, Sonny finally learns about Tal’s past demons and that draws the two of them closer together. She asks him a very special…intimate… favor that helps her take another tentative step forward in her healing journey.

But as the oppressive bonds of pain begin to loosen, and she starts to think she might become whole again, she runs into someone from her past, and that encounter strips her of all the progress she’s gained.

Can Tal save her from the devastating pain of losing herself again? Or will his actions only make things worse?

The Dirty Talk series by Opal Carew is my favorite series so far this year. Each installment is consistently good and increasingly sexy. I almost don’t want the series to end.

At the end of the previous installment (Dirty Talk, Whispers in the Dark), we were left with a cliffhanger about Tal’s past. In the present, Sonny needs to come to terms with the discovery she has made about Tal. She knows that she can trust him. He makes her feel safe. But how does she reconcile the man she knows him to be with the dark images from his past? Sweet Release ends with a cliffhanger as well, but thankfully the series wraps up next week, so that’s not too long to wait for the conclusion.

Once again, Carew has hit me right in the feels with Sonny’s vulnerability and Tal’s unending sweetness. His devotion to her is positively swoonworthy. Favorite romance hero of 2017, your name is Tal.

There’s a delicious buildup of tension with each episode in the series. Combined with this are the brilliant, ridiculously sexy companion audio clips that make each part of the story come to life.

Although I’ll be sad when the final installment is released, I’ve enjoyed the series so much that I’m anticipating the conclusion. When it comes to romance, my catnip is sweet but dirty. The Dirty Talk series gets it right every time. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Rating: 5 stars


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