Review: Drilled by Opal Carew

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Review: Drilled by Opal CarewDrilled
by Opal Carew

Published by Swerve on July 25, 2017
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Erotic, Menage
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: Edelweiss

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I received an advance copy of this book from Edelweiss.

When construction worker Danni goes to the latest job site over the weekend to redo some of her crew’s sloppy work, she doesn't expect the billionaire owners of the company, Blake and Evan, to be working overtime as well. What starts out as a flirty invitation to cool down with a swim turns hotter than Danni could’ve ever imagined. Soon Danni finds herself longing for more than a casual fling with her billionaires, but how could they ever want more with a simple construction worker?

It pains me to rate an Opal Carew book so low. Normally, I avoid billionaire heroes, but since Carew is one of my favorite authors, I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, this just didn’t work for me.

Drilled takes the construction worker trope and gives it a twist. In this novella, Danielle (Danni) is the construction worker who gets caught working after hours by two sexy men, Blake and Evan. After a brief but mutual flirtation, the three end up in a menage.

It turns out that the two men are billionaire businessmen who own the building she’s working on. Initially, she assumes that their tryst is nothing more than a casual hookup. After all, she’s just a blue-collar worker and they’re filthy rich. But after she starts to develop feelings for both men–and have quite a bit more sex with them–she wonders about the possibility of a real relationship.

Sadly, there’s not much development when it comes to Blake and Evan. I found their characterization very surface-level: Blake is a bit of a dominant, where Evan is sweeter. Additionally, other than an abundance of sex, it wasn’t clear to me just why Danni is so appealing to the men.

The relationship quickly moves on to explore mild BDSM, safe word included. This didn’t come across as credible at all to me, considering that Danni has known these men for only a few days at this point. On top of this, there’s no discussion beforehand about the progression of the sexual relationship into kink territory. It just sort of happens and consent is assumed. Danni is comfortable with everything they do, but I didn’t like the lack of clear communication. Lastly, the majority of the encounters are MFM, but later there’s an MMF moment that seemed out of place.

There’s a subplot involving Danni’s mother and stepfather, but it wasn’t enough to give the story the depth it needed. While I can always count on this author to bring some seriously steamy sexy times, unfortunately this story struck me as disjointed and incomplete.

Rating: 2 stars


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