Review: Forward Pass by Desiree Holt

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Review: Forward Pass by Desiree HoltForward Pass
by Desiree Holt

Series: Game On #1
Published by Lyrical Shine on July 7, 2015
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Sports
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

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I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.

Get Ready to Play Rough

Shay Beckham grew up idolizing her brother’s best friend, star quarterback Joe Reilly. There was no one in their Texas town who had the moves to match Joe on or off the field. Years later, he’s still a player who has what it takes to drive any hot-blooded woman wild. But Shay isn’t a kid with a bad case of hero-worship anymore. She’s grown-up and independent, with her feet on the ground and a serious head on her shoulders. If she could just say the same for Joe.

It’s been fifteen years, but Joe Reilly hasn’t forgotten the skinny little kid who used to follow him around like a shadow. What he can’t get over is that the skinny shadow has grown into one hell of an incredible woman. One any man in his right mind would kill to get his hands on. And one who seems to be completely immune to him. He knows he and Shay could have something special together. If he could only convince her he’s about more than just the game.

So…I had issues with this book.

It started out okay. The writing style is not my favorite, but despite this I stuck with it. In retrospect, I kind of wish I had abandoned this midway because that’s when the story took a downward turn for me.

The story is about Joe Reilly, a retired NFL star who’s now a sports commentator and a low-key philanthropist. Shay Beckham is a graphic designer who’s the younger sister of Joe’s best friend. Shay has had a crush on Joe her whole life, but he has always treated her like his buddy’s bratty little sister and nothing more. When they meet again as adults, they have a strong physical attraction and it’s clear that things will turn romantic between them.

Going back to the writing, I found it very repetitive. Given the amount and variety of romance I read, it’s basically impossible to shock me at this point. Regardless, I had trouble with the fact that the hero of this book has a persistent erection whenever the heroine is around. Seriously. In private, in public, it doesn’t matter where. This book could have been called The Constant Boner because the hero talks about it ALL the time. I lost count of the total number of his erections but I feel like it was clearly past a dozen by the time the book was over.

Also, it’s obvious that Joe used to be quite a womanizer in previous years, but despite the fact that he has changed his ways, Shay is always reminding him of his past. Okay, so Joe used to party a lot, mess around, and not take his life very seriously. But even though he has changed, she keeps reminding him of what a screwup he used to be. It speaks to her low self-esteem that she is always harping on his “women” and “harem” that don’t actually exist in the present.

Even though the characters know each other from childhood, when they get together the relationship gets serious very quickly–complete with declarations of forever and a marriage proposal and all. I would have been content with a Happy for Now because the way events unfold seems quite rushed.

Lastly, I must mention a sex scene that struck me as super out of place because it seems so random in the context of this book. It involves a toe. I’ll just…leave that there.

I was hoping I’d like this book, but unfortunately I obviously didn’t enjoy it and would not recommend it.

Rating: 2 stars


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