Review: Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany Reisz

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Review: Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany ReiszHer Naughty Holiday
by Tiffany Reisz

Series: Men at Work #2
Published by Harlequin on October 18, 2016
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

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I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.

A feast she wasn't expecting!

Clover Greene would sooner crawl into her oven than host family for Thanksgiving dinner. Yet another annual ritual of too much food, served with a side of criticism over "Clover's Bad Life Choices." This year, she needs to distract them all—with a handsome fake boyfriend. And she has the perfect guy in mind.

Contractor Erick Fields is the poster boy for sexy single dads, and Clover has been secretly crushing on him for ages. She certainly wasn't expecting Erick to agree to her insane charade…or to add lots of hot, wicked sex to the deal. If they can pull it off, the worst Thanksgiving ever might give them something to be really thankful for!

Tiffany Reisz has done it again! I loved the first book in her Men at Work series–Her Halloween Treat–so I had high hopes for the second book, Her Naughty Holiday. Once again, Reisz has written a story about a couple who I cheered for and really grew to love. I finished this book with a big smile on my face.

It’s almost Thanksgiving and Clover Greene is dreading the family dinner. Her parents and siblings constantly judge her life choices and belittle her. Although Clover is a successful owner of her own garden nursery, her parents have never gotten over the fact that Clover didn’t finish college. Despite the fact that Clover is happy to be focused on a job that she loves, her family insists that she’ll never know true happiness until she gets married and has kids. Needless to say, Clover cannot wait until Thanksgiving dinner is over. Then Clover gets a bright idea: she’ll divert her family’s criticisms by parading a fake boyfriend in front of them.

Carpenter and contractor Erick Fields also runs his own business in the same Oregon town as Clover. Erick is a divorced dad, raising his 17-year-old daughter, Ruthie. Ruthie works for Clover at the nursery, which was a godsend (or as Ruthie would put it, a goddess-send) since Ruthie has an unfortunate criminal record. (She’s extremely passionate about the environment, as well as animal rights, and committed arson.) When no one else in town would hire her, Clover gave her a chance and it turned out to be the best thing for both of them. They get along well–not only in their work environment, but also as friends.

Clover and Erick have been low-key crushing on each other for about a year, but it isn’t until Ruthie works some of her matchmaking magic that they give in to their attraction. Better yet, Erick agrees to pose as Clover’s fake boyfriend in attempts to placate Clover’s family. In the meantime, Clover and Erick agree to a no-strings fling during the days leading up to Thanksgiving. What better way to pass him off as a fake boyfriend than to actually pursue their mutual attraction?

Turns out that they’re a great match, both in bed and out of it. Clover has a lot of deep-seated insecurities rooted in her unstable family history and Erick wants to do his best to help her see what an amazing person she is. Likewise, Erick has his own complicated history and Clover appreciates the things that make him a great guy. Although their initial agreement was for a casual physical arrangement and a fake relationship, they each begin to realize that they want something more with each other–something real.

As with the previous book in this series, Reisz excels at writing flirty, comedic banter that’s balanced with some seriously hot scenes. Combined with these elements are some of the most frustrating family members I’ve ever read! ugh, I just wanted to reach into the book and give Clover an enormous hug. Erick is a major sweetheart and a character who will likely win you over with his sincere affection and fierce loyalty toward Clover.

Although this is book #2 in the Men at Work series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. Characters from book #1 appear briefly, but as more of a cameo than a continuation of the previous story.

I loved Clover and Erick as a couple and also loved the depth of their emotion for each other. They’re brought together as a ruse to fool Clover’s family, but real love keeps them together. I wasn’t kidding when I said I finished reading this with a goofy smile on my face.

I highly recommend this book and anticipate the next in the series.

Rating: 5 stars


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