Review: Joran by Susan Hayes

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Review: Joran by Susan HayesJoran
by Susan Hayes

Series: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides #1
Published by Black Scroll Publications Ltd on August 20, 2017
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Sci-Fi
Format: Ebook
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What do you do when your planet runs out of women? Send for takeout, of course.

Joran, Crown Prince of Pyros, needs to claim his mate in order to ascend to the throne one day. The problem? His destined mate isn't on Pyros.

When a galaxy-wide search uncovers a backwater world full of potential mates for Joran and the other unmated males on his planet, plans are set in motion and Star-Crossed Dating is created. Now, the first wave of men are on their way to claim their unsuspecting brides. Joran's mission: Go to Earth, claim his mate and bring her back to Pyros. How hard could it be?

This book contains a redheaded barista who doesn't believe in aliens, and a prince who is used to getting anything he wants without having to work for it ... until now.

What a fun book! I love a good alien romance and Joran by Susan Hayes delivers. A series called Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides has got to be amazing, right?

The planet of Pyros is in trouble. Males outnumber females by a huge margin, leaving the future of the throne in peril. Prince Joran is the last of the royal line and must find his mate. Thankfully, the leaders of Pyros have found a planet inhabited by life compatible with their DNA: planet Earth.

When barista Maggie signs up for the Star-Crossed Dating Service, the last thing she expects is to end up with someone who’s literally out of this world. Her hunky match, Joran, is charming and successful—and determined to make her his.

Joran immediately senses that Maggie is his mate, and he wants to bond with her right away. His enthusiasm gives Maggie pause initially—sure, this guy is gorgeous, but what’s with the insta-love?! She even resists him at first because he comes on a little too strong for her. I don’t read a lot of fated mates stories, so I’m still getting comfortable with the concept and Joran came on a little too strong for me as well.

When Joran reveals that he’s from another planet, Maggie is not convinced—until he proves not only that he’s an alien, but also that he and Maggie are fated to be together.

This is a really fun read. I especially appreciated that Maggie is no wilting flower—she’s headstrong and forces Joran to see her perspective, something he’s not used to doing on his planet due to his elevated status in life. I also liked Joran, who’s head over heels devoted to Maggie from day one. He has his work cut out for him in convincing Maggie that they’re meant to be, and she definitely makes him work hard to win her over.

I’m happy that this is the first in a series and look forward to reading the next book!

Rating: 4.5 stars


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