Review: Let Them Talk by Susanna Carr

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Review: Let Them Talk by Susanna CarrLet Them Talk
by Susanna Carr

Published by Harlequin on January 20, 2015
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Format: Print
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A risqué book club inspires three women to be naughty…


Sydney Tate is writing a fictional erotic diary inspired by the town's mouthwateringly hot mayor, Matthew Stone. Then her "diary" disappears…and suddenly Matthew is bringing all of Sydney's secret fantasies to life!


Armed with a seduction how-to guide, librarian Isabel Bennett is pulling out every trick in the book to tempt Sean Hawkins. The oh-so-sexy businessman is about to find out just how bad this good girl can be…


Laura Dawson is desperate to get her gorgeous neighbor, Connor Adams, into her bed. So she turns to an aphrodisiac cookbook to serve up the most tantalizing, irresistible dish Connor has ever seen…herself.

Blaze is my favorite line of Harlequin books, along with Cosmo Red-Hot Reads. This is a collection of three novellas linked by friends Sydney, Isabel, and Laura. No longer welcome in their small town book club for choosing books deemed as too risqué, they’ve started the Blacklist Book Club, where they’re free to read the books that have been banned by the stuffy ladies of their town.


The Diary
Rating: 4 stars

A very fun story about newspaper reporter Sydney, who writes a fake erotic diary about Matthew, the town mayor who she’s been secretly crushing on. Her diary gets lost and winds up in Matthew’s hands. Parts of the story aren’t very plausible and are definitely formulaic, but it’s a fun story nonetheless.

Talk of the Town
Rating: 3 stars

This story started out promising, but fizzled for me at the end. Isabel is the town librarian who appears stereotypically prim and proper. But that’s not who she really is. Thanks to the book club’s latest selection, she’s learning to be assertive with her sexuality and she realizes that she shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

Sean works for Isabel’s father. Isabel and Sean have had feelings for each other for years, but haven’t pursued it until recently, when they had a one-night stand. There’s a lot of miscommunication that follows and I think I would have liked this story better as a longer book. The ending seemed rushed.

Craving You
Rating: 3 stars

This is a cute friends-to-lovers story. Laura is the town bad girl, of sorts. She doesn’t have a ruined reputation, but people see her as someone who loves to have a good time and doesn’t have much depth. Her best friend and neighbor, Connor, is getting ready to move across town because he’s ready to settle down and find a serious relationship. The two have strong feelings for each other, but they’re both scared to pursue a romantic relationship with each other for separate reasons. As with the previous story, I would have liked this one more as a full-length book just because the short length didn’t allow for much character development.


Overall, it’s a good collection of stories. There’s a character, Miss Doris, who’s the town gossip and she appears throughout the book. At first, she’s meddlesome and annoying, but she turns out to be a really funny lady. Also, I would have liked more depth to the actual romances between the various couples. It took me a bit longer to finish this book than I expected it would, but I’ll be reading this author again in the future.

Rating: 3 stars


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