Review: Like Fresh Fallen Snow by Tara Wyatt

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Review: Like Fresh Fallen Snow by Tara WyattLike Fresh Fallen Snow
by Tara Wyatt

Series: The Graysons #2
on October 25, 2016
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Cops
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

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I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.

Everyone needs a New Year’s kiss.

Ellie Richards’ New Year’s Resolution: this will be her year, no men necessary. Who needs them when she has a successful website, a great apartment, and plans to ring in the New Year at a ski lodge with her best friend. That’s until Ellie gets stuck in a snowbank and a gorgeous, blue-eyed cop throws a wrench in her plans.

Matt Grayson intended to spend his last day of the year getting everything ready for his move across the country. But when he helps dig Ellie’s car out from the side of the road, something about this cute blonde who spews out pop culture references makes Matt wish he didn’t have to leave the next day.

When fate brings Ellie and Matt together that same night at a party, the sizzling tension between them bubbles like a bottle of champagne. As midnight looms closer, their time together grows shorter. Is their budding romance doomed to be nothing but a night of memories, or can it survive the changes the new year will bring?

Like Fresh Fallen Snow is book #2 in The Graysons series by Tara Wyatt. In book #1, we met Luke and Christie. Book #2 focuses on Luke’s twin brother, Matt, and Ellie.

Ellie Richards has a New Year’s resolution: the upcoming year will be the Year of Ellie. After finding herself unlucky in love over the past several years, she is determined to get a grip on her love life.

Ellie runs a website, Crossing the Streams, where she blogs about various types of pop culture and entertainment (video games, movies, books, tv). Her site is pulling in enough revenue that she’s planning on hiring another writer. But despite Ellie’s success in her career, she hasn’t found real love–something she wants more than anything.

When Ellie’s car gets stuck in the snow on New Year’s Eve, hot cop Matt Grayson shows up to rescue her. Their meet cute made me smile: Matt walks up to Ellie’s car as she literally has her butt up in the air while she tries to dig her phone out from under her car seat.

Ellie and Matt’s flirty banter is sweet, complete with plenty of geeky pop culture references, courtesy of Ellie. When they later find themselves at the same New Year’s Eve party, things escalate pretty quickly from flirtation to one-night stand territory.

There are a few complications, though. Matt is leaving town soon to become a detective in Seattle. Also, he has had his share of heartbreak, thanks to a cheating ex-wife. Needless to say, Matt’s not looking for a new relationship right now. In fact, all he wants is a fresh start in Seattle–new job, new opportunities.

But Ellie and Matt have definite sexual chemistry, so they’re in luck with they get snowed in and their one-night stand turns into two. They’ve agreed that this is temporary and can’t last–but neither of them planned on falling in love.

I liked a lot of things about this book. The characters are strong and I didn’t mind the instant physical attraction between Ellie and Matt. Beyond this, they also make a definite emotional connection.

However, a Happy for Now would have been more convincing for me. The whole romance takes place over the course of two days and suddenly it’s Happily Ever After. I found the timeline of their romance very rushed.

Other than the timeline, I liked the story itself and this author’s writing style appeals to me. I recommend this book, with the caveat that you’ll probably love it more if you’re a fan of insta-love.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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