Review: Mayday by Olivia Dade

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Review: Mayday by Olivia DadeMayday
by Olivia Dade

Series: Lovestruck Librarians #3
Published by Lyrical Shine on May 10, 2016
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Format: Ebook
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Helen Murphy loves her supportive family, her close-knit circle of friends, and her part-time job at the library. What she doesn't love: the fact that she's a thirty-six-year-old near-virgin who lives in her parents' house. Eager to move out and reclaim her independence at long last, she's determined to get the library's new Community Outreach Coordinator position. Even if that means working side-by-side with the one man she desperately wants to avoid--Niceville's ambitious mayor Wes Ramirez, who happens to be her only previous lover, and the source of her greatest humiliation…

Wes needs to make up for his disastrous one-night--actually, make that one-hour--stand with deliciously nerdy librarian Helen. As they plan the city's upcoming May Day celebrations together, he'll try to prove he can do better, in bed and out. It may take every bit of his creativity and determination, but their budding romance has already gone down in flames once . . . and he'll be damned if he'll let Helen go a second time.

Mayday is book #3 in Olivia Dade’s fun Lovestruck Librarians series, which follows a group of librarian friends. This is my favorite book in the series so far. As always, Dade excels at wit and banter, to the point where I found myself snort-laughing quite a few times. But Mayday also made an emotional impact on me and I love it when a book can make me both laugh and cry.

Helen Murphy is a part-time adult reference librarian. She loves her job, but sorely misses the independence that comes with having a full-time career. Previously, she worked in a bookstore, but after she was laid off, she had to move back in with her parents to make ends meet. She has been looking for a full-time job for the past few years, with no luck.

So when Helen learns about a new Community Outreach Coordinator position at the library, she’s excited. Not only does the job sound like a perfect fit for her, but it would also bump her up to full-time status. There’s just one catch: in order to bolster her credentials for her interview, Helen has to plan the upcoming May Day celebration with the local mayor, Wes Ramirez.

Flash back to a little less than a year ago and a disastrous one-night stand, starring none other than Mayor Wes himself. The last thing Helen wants to do is work alongside the guy who rejected her–after his lackluster performance in bed, to be honest–but she really wants this job. So, Helen and Wes begin their collaboration to make this the best May Day celebration that Niceville has ever seen.

Helen and Wes actually went to the same high school, but they certainly didn’t run in the same circles. Helen was a shy, nerdy, plus-sized girl, while Wes was a stereotypically popular jock. As adults, their one-night stand was ill-fated but after they discover that they’ll be working together, Wes is determined to make it up to Helen. And Wes sure knows how to give good grovel.

In turn, Helen feels the weight of their temporary arrangement. Wes has big dreams–ones that extend beyond Niceville–but is there a place for Helen in that life? As they start to fall hard for each other, Wes seeks to convince Helen that he’s the right man for her–not just for the short term, but for always. *feeeels*

There’s so much to love about this book: multilayered characters who I grew to care about, hilarious scenes involving Maypole mishaps and phallic protestors, and a well-rounded ensemble cast of characters, both from previous books as well as upcoming.

There’s also an important subplot involving Wes and his tenuous relationship with his parents, which is another source of my aforementioned feels.

Mayday is an emotional story that brings with it a good dose of laughter, some seriously hot sexy times, and a few happy tears. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

Rating: 5 stars


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