Review: Mentor by Opal Carew, Avery Aster, and Jayne Rylon

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Review: Mentor by Opal Carew, Avery Aster, and Jayne RylonMentor
by Avery Aster, Jayne Rylon, Opal Carew

Series: Penthouse Pleasures #4
Published by the Author (Self-Published) on August 15, 2018
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Erotic, Menage
Format: Print
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Elle distrusts love and relationships. Avi wants to fall in love and get married. Can he help her past her trauma so she can see how right they are together?

When Elle's friend arranges for her to see the inside of a fabulous, luxury penthouse, she never imagined she would find the sexiest man she's ever seen, blindfolded and bound to a chair.

A traumatic experience in her past has left Elle a shell of the vibrant, adventurous woman she once was, but the sight of this man's breathtaking body overrides her caution and leads her to make a very bad decision.

After she flees the scene, she hopes that unlike Cinderella, her Prince Charming will never find her. That hope goes up in smoke when he calls her the next day insisting on meeting her.

She doesn't believe in love and won't even consider his suggestion that they date, but when he offers her a no-strings-attached relationship where he'll bring her deepest fantasies to life, she finally agrees.

Unfortunately, she finds herself falling for him, and she knows that can only lead to the worst kind of pain.

Mentor is book #4 in the Penthouse Pleasures series, but can be read as a standalone. Oh how I wanted to love Mentor, but unfortunately this one missed the mark for me. Most of the book felt so random, like the authors were throwing the erotic romance kitchen sink at the plot.

Elle works in retail, but her true love is writing erotic romance novels. (Very meta.) Her friend has arranged for Elle to view a fancy penthouse (as research? It’s still not clear to me why), but when Elle enters, she finds a crazy hot guy, naked and tied to a chair. Stay with me here.

Elle and the hot guy wind up having sex (because why not?), after which Elle runs away. Hot guy Avi tracks Elle down and pursues her, under the guise of being her “mentor” and providing her with inspiration for her novels. Elle reluctantly agrees. Along the way, of course their arrangement turns into more, and they both end up catching feelings for each other. However, I had trouble with several things.

First, Elle has a traumatic past that prevents her from wanting a full relationship with Avi. But that trauma doesn’t keep her from having spontaneous sex with a random guy she’s just met?

Second, when the trauma is revealed, I felt it was kind of glossed over. View Spoiler »

Third, Elle and Avi’s sexual relationship changes rather quickly to include additional men, which again, I was skeptical of because her relationship with Avi is so new. View Spoiler »

The plot is so disjointed and I couldn’t make sense of it. There are sweet moments between Elle and Avi that reminded me a lot of Carew’s Dirty Talk series, but this story veers off pretty swiftly. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this book and wouldn’t recommend it.

Rating: 2 stars


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