Review: Mistletoe Miracles by Jodi Thomas

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Review: Mistletoe Miracles by Jodi ThomasMistletoe Miracles
by Jodi Thomas

Series: Ransom Canyon #7
Published by HQN on September 25, 2018
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Cowboys
Format: Print
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A small-town Texas Christmas story, where hearts are lost, love is found, and family always brings you back home.

Griffin Holloway is desperate: the Maverick Ranch has been in his family for generations, but lately, it’s a money pit. He’d sooner marry one of his horses than sell the ranch. Marriage, though, could be a solution. If he can woo a wealthy bride, he might save the ranch—just in time for Christmas.

Jaxon O’Grady likes his solitude just fine, thank you very much. But when a car accident brings the unexpected to his door, he realizes just how much one person can need another.

Crossroads is the perfect place for Jamie Johnson: avoiding nosy questions about why she’s single, she’s happy to keep to her lakeside home. So she’s baffled when she gets the strangest Christmas present of all, in the form of a Mr. Johnson, asleep on her sofa. Who is he, and why does everyone think he’s her husband?

In this uplifting novel, three unlikely couples discover just what Crossroads, Texas, can offer: romance, belonging, and plenty of Christmas spirit.

Why did it take me so long to read a book by Jodi Thomas? I’ve seen her books around plenty, but this is my first time reading her and I loved the story. Mistletoe Miracles is a small-town romance that follows three couples: Griffin and Sunlan; Jax and Mallory; and Wyatt and Jamie.

Sunlan and Griffin are strangers who agree to a marriage of convenience to save Griffin’s ranch. In turn, Griffin is helping to keep Sunlan from being disowned by her wealthy father, for reasons later revealed.

When Mallory and Jax meet, she’s just been in a horrible car accident after fleeing a dangerous situation. Jax is haunted by his own demons, which is why he lives alone in a secluded cabin. When Jax discovers Mallory’s injured dog, he’s determined to nurse both the dog and Mallory back to health.

Jamie is new in town and just wants a quiet life as a teacher. She averts the unwanted advances from her slimy coworker by telling him that she’s married. When Army Captain Wyatt Johnson shows up in her home, Jamie finds that everyone in town thinks he’s her husband. He isn’t—but maybe just for a little while, they can pretend he is.

The narrative jumps back and forth between couples, which took me a while to get used to. Also, the sex scenes are essentially fade to black—normally I don’t like those, but I was okay with it here since the story is so good. There are many wonderful moments and I enjoyed each couple’s journey. In fact, I found myself wishing for three full-length books because I wanted more.

Mistletoe Miracles is book #7 in the Ransom Canyon series, but can be read as a standalone. It’s a perfect read for the holiday season and definitely put me in a Christmas mood. I’m glad to have finally read this author and I’ll be checking out her other books. Highly recommended!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

Rating: 4.5 stars


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