Review: Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend by Crystal Hemmingway

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Review: Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend by Crystal HemmingwayMom's Perfect Boyfriend
by Crystal Hemmingway

Series: Smart Companions #1
Published by Galbadia Press on July 16, 2019
Sub-Genre/Theme: Chick Lit, Contemporary
Format: ARC, Print
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A smart romantic comedy about mothers and daughters, and the hilarious consequences of a white lie.

Crystal has trouble saying no to her lonely, single mother. For 25 years, it wasn't a problem. But when one small mistake leaves Crystal jilted, homeless and unemployed, she has to move back in with the one person who caused it all: her mother.

Soon Crystal is sucked into her mother's vortex, partying with boomers and hawking misshapen marshmallows. Desperate for some independence, she hatches a foolproof plan: get an experimental android to play her mom's "perfect" boyfriend. It's only a matter of time before her mom finds out, and Crystal will never live down the hilarious and disastrous consequences.

Written in an addicting, fast-paced format, Mom's Perfect Boyfriend is a humorous yet deeply honest portrayal about the complicated friendship between mothers and daughters. Because sometimes the people we least want to rely on are those who can help us the most.

If you’ve ever had a well-intentioned but overbearing mother—and had a consequently complicated relationship with said mother—this book is for you. Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend by Crystal Hemmingway is a quirky, fun twist on the romantic comedy—and is just as much about the family dynamics that most of us can relate to.

When Crystal is laid off from her job, it’s bad news. It’s worse news when her boyfriend takes off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, in an effort at self-discovery (without her). Now without a place to live, Crystal is forced to move back in with her loving but smothering mom, Margot. It’s intended as a temporary fix and will allow Crystal to work on her novel, which has been a long time in the making.

But single, 50-something Margot is lonely and a little too eager to involve Crystal in her many shenanigans. Frustrated and desperately wanting to see her mom happy, Crystal signs up for the Smart Companion trial, which matches applicants with an uncannily realistic android companion. Only problem? Crystal doesn’t tell her mom about it.

Before long, android Adam has worked his way into Margot’s heart, leaving Crystal more than a little uneasy. She wanted someone to keep her mom company, not fall head over heels with. With the help of her tech expert sister, Crystal has to fix this problem—without causing a mother meltdown in the process.

Crystal and Margot have a complex but ultimately loving dynamic that Crystal loses sight of when the rest of her life is in turmoil. And although I could see how much Margot loves her family, her personality really grated on my nerves at times (which I think was the author’s intent).

This is a fun, fast-paced read. It’s told entirely through emails, texts, chats, and journal entries. I laughed a lot during Crystal’s writing process, especially with regard to her dinosaur story (about which I shall say no more).

I really enjoy a book that balances romance with family drama, and this one does a great job with both. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Rating: 4 stars


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