Review: Ready to Fall by Olivia Dade

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Review: Ready to Fall by Olivia DadeReady to Fall
by Olivia Dade

Series: Lovestruck Librarians #4
Published by Lyrical Shine on June 21, 2016
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

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I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.

Elementary school teacher and part-time librarian Sarah Mayhew has the perfect plan: show off her cycling skills at her school's bike retreat and attract her oblivious coworker in the process. Her end game? Fall in love. Only one problem: she needs to find someone to teach her how to ride a bike pronto. But when she catches sight of Chris Dean's gorgeous physique, her best laid plans are about to go off track . . .

Chris is not looking for a girlfriend. He's getting over his last one by focusing on his bike repair business. So when a feisty, sexy schoolteacher urges him to help improve her cycling skills, he does it strictly for the money. He vows he won't repeat history, even for a blond bombshell like Sarah. But when the two find themselves alone on the road, they can't help taking a detour straight into each other's arms . . .

*happy sigh*

Ready to Fall is book #4 is Olivia Dade’s Lovestruck Librarians series, which follows a fun group of librarian friends. This novella delivers constant humor (that literally made me laugh out loud!) along with a sweetly emotional romance.

Teacher and part-time librarian Sarah Mayhew is a handful. She’s feisty, clever, and funny. However, those traits that make her endearing are the same ones that have overwhelmed the guys she has dated in the past. Tired of rejection, Sarah decides to go with her head rather than her heart. She has looked for love, but she doesn’t want to hurt anymore. She just wants security. Sarah sets her eyes on a fellow teacher–someone who’s rather boring but safe.

Sarah’s school is holding a bike retreat, so she decides to cozy up to her coworker then. Not so fast, though: Sarah doesn’t know how to ride a bike. After a disastrous attempt while learning as a kid (one broken arm and dozens of stitches later), learning to ride is something that she let fall by the wayside. But on her quest for comfortable love, she’s going to need to learn once and for all.

Enter Chris Dean, owner of the local bike repair shop. Sarah’s friend Helen (from book #3, Mayday) puts them in touch with each other, in an effort to be helpful–but mostly to play matchmaker.

Chris is definitely hot, but he’s also quite reserved. In fact, the first time that he and Sarah meet, he’s downright grumpy. Sarah pleads with him to help her learn to ride a bike. After some coaxing–and a promise to pay him for his efforts–Chris agrees.

What starts out as bike lessons turns into more as Sarah and Chris realize how attracted they are to each other. Indeed, they’re a good example of opposites attract: Sarah is a comedic firecracker while Chris is lowkey and focused. But something they have in common is pain that lingers just below the surface.

Sarah uses humor and charm to mask her insecurities, while Chris remains closed off to hide a previously broken heart. As the story progresses, they uncover each other’s true selves and decide that they both love what they find underneath it all.

Sarah is one of my favorite heroines from this series. Part Anne Shirley, part Bridget Jones, she’s an endearing mix of pluck and vulnerability. Her dialogue brought on so many laughs. Likewise, Chris is a strong, reserved type who I took to immediately. His initial grumpiness is short-lived, but it made me like his character right away. For me, the only thing better than a grumpy hero is one who knows how to grovel and apologize really well.

Since this is a novella, the romance itself is a bit of a whirlwind and happens over the course of a few days. But I just loved this couple and especially appreciated the balance of comedy and tender moments.

Ready to Fall manages to be lighthearted and fun while also exploring emotion and depth. It’s a combination that definitely worked for me and I highly recommend this book, as well as the others in the Lovestruck Librarians series.

Rating: 5 stars


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