Review: Rock With You by Rachel Lacey

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Review: Rock With You by Rachel LaceyRock With You
by Rachel Lacey

Series: Risking It All #0.5
Published by Grand Central Publishing on August 2, 2016
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Format: ARC, Ebook
Source: NetGalley

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I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.


Carly Taylor is pretty sure she's dreaming. It's not possible that Sam Weiss - rock star god and sexy hotness personified - is actually in her bakery. This sort of thing never happens in the too-small town of Haven. Or to her. And being stranded in a secluded mountain cabin with the deliciously decadent Sam during an ice storm? This is definitely not Carly's real life . . .

Now there's just the two of them, a roaring fire, lots of food and drink, and a sizzling attraction - one that just might make Carly do the unexpected. For one night, she'll live the fantasy. For one night, nothing else matters. . . not her struggling business, not her lonely life, not Sam's bad-boy reputation. But sometimes one night can turn one crazy, beautiful dream into something real.

I tend to stay away from books with rock star heroes. Of the admittedly few rock star heroes I’ve read, I’ve found that they tend to be manwhores and that’s just not my thing. However, I made an exception for Rock With You by Rachel Lacey, which is the prequel to her new series, Risking It All. I read and loved Ever After by this author, so I was excited to learn about the new series. While I had some issues with this due to the insta-love factor, the hero turned out to be pretty likable and not a jerk at all.

Sam Weiss is a huge rock star. His first album was a major success but his follow-up album was considered a flop. Add to that a rumored scandal involving his housekeeper and Sam finds himself needing a mental reboot. His manager has sent him to the mountains of Haven, North Carolina, to regroup and get his songwriting mojo back.

Imagine Carly Taylor’s surprise when Sam Weiss shows up in her little bakery. She knows who he is, of course, but beyond her initial starstruck reaction, she finds that he’s pretty charming and magnetic for reasons unrelated to his celebrity status.

When an ice storm hits, Carly and Sam end up stranded together in the cabin where he’s staying. Their chemistry is instant and, for me, too quick to be believable. It’s the definition of insta-love: even though they’ve only known each other for two days and Sam doesn’t even know Carly’s last name, they’ve both fallen for the other quite hard.

There’s also the matter of their highly incompatible lives. Sam is a literal rock star who lives in L.A. Carly’s ties are firmly in Haven, where her shop and grandmother are. The ending and epilogue seem to indicate that they find some way to make things work, but I remain skeptical.

The sex scenes are pretty hot but had the potential to be much more meaningful if the relationship had been more fully explored.

Having said all this, I’m still giving this story 3 stars because I enjoyed the writing style itself (despite the fact that the pacing is quicker than I would have preferred and there’s not much character development, even for a novella). The writing is sufficient to make me curious about the next book in the series, so I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.

Rating: 3 stars


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