Review: Romance Reveal Book Box – October

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Today was like Christmas! 🙂

I’ve been looking forward to receiving my first Romance Reveal Book Box as a subscriber. (Disclaimer: that’s a referral link.) I had ordered a one-time box back in August to help me decide if I wanted to subscribe. I was pleased with my box, so I signed up.

Since sign-ups fill up and sell out pretty quickly, I had to wait until September 15th to subscribe, which meant that my first shipment would arrive in October. I received my first subscriber box today! *drum roll*

Romance Reveal Book Box: October 2016

I didn’t post a pic of this with the last box, but when you open it, you see that everything is wrapped up all nice and pretty in pink tissue paper. And there’s this awesome Peel and Reveal sticker on top.

Romance Reveal Book Box: October 2016

Ta-da! Click to embiggen.

In this box, I received:

  • Signed copy of Stripped Bare by Emma Hart
  • Signed copy of Going Down Easy by Carly Phillips
  • Book card for This Regret by Victoria Ashley
  • Coloring card from author Lori Otto
  • Bookmark for Lost Rider by Harper Sloan
  • Bookmark for The Running Experiment by Kristann Monaghan
  • Drink koozie from author Sharla Lovelace
  • Magnet for Southern Rock Lyrics series by Ashley Hampton
  • Button for The Keatyn Chronicles series by Jillian Dodd
  • Lip balm from author A. L. Jackson
  • Packet of Two Leaves Paisley Label Tea, Organic Tart Meyer Lemon
  • Packet of Halloween candy

I love what I received! I already owned the Kindle version of Stripped Bare, but I haven’t read it yet. When I do, I’ll read the print version because hello, that is one amazing cover. Also, the hero is a male stripper and that is totally my catnip. 😀 It’s not uncommon for me to own both the Kindle and print versions of some books, so this is a nice addition to my collection.

Going Down Easy has a hero who’s–gulp–a billionaire. Billionaires are not my favorite heroes, but I’ll give this one a try since this author is pretty popular.

I’ve heard of some of these authors, but not all of them, so I’ll definitely be researching their books. I’m especially interested in the Harper Sloan cowboy book (also my catnip)!

I love all the bookmarks and cards because it always seems like I never have enough bookmarks when I need them! Oh, and the only duplicate item I received from my one-time box is the button. Everything else in this shipment were new items.

I’m very happy with this month’s box and I’m already excited for next month’s shipment. 😀

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  1. I remember Carly Phillips was pretty popular when I was working at a bookstore in the early 2000’s (aka freaking forever ago how is that so long ago!?). it’s fun to see what you got!!

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