Review: Texas Kissing by Helena Newbury

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Review: Texas Kissing by Helena NewburyTexas Kissing
by Helena Newbury

Series: Kissing #3
Published by Tantor Audio on March 1, 2016
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Cowboys, Suspense
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library

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Lily: To escape my uncle - one of New York's most dangerous mob bosses - I had to create a whole new life. I became an expert forger, fled to Texas, and never let anyone get close to me again. I didn't figure on having my life saved by a huge, muscled cowboy. He's arrogant, he's stubborn, and he's the local stud, so why is he interested in a curvy girl like me? And if he annoys me so much, why can't I stop fantasizing about him?

Bull: As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. Lily had curves that didn't quit and too many goddamn secrets. Well, I was going to uncover every inch of her....

Tessa is on the run.

Raised by her mob-boss uncle, she’s seen things–awful things–and has to get away from that life. She flees to Texas, where she starts going by the name Lily. She makes a living as an underground forger, creating counterfeit passports and the like.

On her way to meet a client at a rodeo arena, Lily has an unfortunate run-in with a pissed-off bull. Luckily, Lily is rescued by a cowboy named Bull (yes, that’s his actual name). Bull is something else. He’s hilarious, but I didn’t like him much at first because he’s such a manwhore. However, once he sets his sights on Lily, he’s determined to make her his.

The writing in this book cracked me up. I read the audio version and Bull’s internal dialogue, read by narrator Christian Fox, had me laughing out loud. Lily is read by Lucy Rivers, who also did a great job with the narration.

Bull is such a huge lug at times; not stupid by any means, just a little too confident for his own good. As I mentioned, I didn’t like him at first since he’s such a womanizer, but that changes quickly after Lily comes into the picture.

Lily is a smart, capable character, but she has no close relationships because she’s afraid that someone will discover her secrets about her uncle and his connections. She doesn’t want to put anyone in danger. Lily also struggles with insecurity, which Bull helps with once their relationship turns physical. I LOVED how sweet Bull is toward her. Whenever Lily feels self-conscious about her larger size, Bull instills confidence in her and never says a critical word about her appearance. Swoon.

Part contemporary romance, part romantic suspense, a more appropriate title for this book would be Texas Sexytimes because there’s definitely an abundance of that.

Texas Kissing is book #3 in Helena Newbury’s Kissing series, but each book is a standalone. I plan on going back to read the others in the series since I enjoyed this one so much.

Rating: 4 stars


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