Review: The DILF by London Hale

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Review: The DILF by London HaleThe DILF
by London Hale

Series: Temperance Falls #2
Published by the Author (Self-Published) on May 16, 2017
Sub-Genre/Theme: Contemporary, Erotic
Format: Ebook
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She’s the definition of trouble
For as long as I’ve known him, Brandon has always been the workaholic single dad to my best friend. But one night, one evening alone with him, makes me ache for something I never knew I wanted. Makes me aware that he’s so much more than what I thought. He isn’t just a dad—he’s a DILF. One I desperately want warming my sheets.

He can’t stop fantasizing about her
I never should have looked at Genesis the way I do, never should have seen her as more than just my daughter’s best friend. I’m too old for her, too wrong. Dating the fiery redhead with the killer curves could end my career and destroy my relationship with my daughter, but I can’t resist her siren call. One night, and I’m a man obsessed. One night, and I’ll do everything in my power to keep her.

Welcome to Temperance Falls, where experience counts.

The DILF is number two in the series, following Daddy’s Best Friend. Like the first book, this features a taboo romance. Genesis (Gen) is the 18-year-old best friend of Evie, from book one. In that book, Evie wound up with Nathan, her father’s best friend. This time around, it’s Gen who falls in love with none other than Evie’s father, Brandon.

Unlike Evie, though, Gen is more sexually experienced and confident, so I felt that she brought an extra layer of maturity to the relationship with Brandon. Brandon knows how wrong it is to be attracted to his daughter’s best friend…but he can’t stop thinking about Gen.

When Gen’s mom is involved in a serious accident, Gen winds up staying at Brandon’s house in the meantime while her mom is in the hospital recovering. The forced proximity means that it’s just a matter of time before the sexual tension between Gen and Brandon reaches a boiling point.

As happy as they are with their newfound romance, however, trouble in paradise soon finds them. Brandon is a bit of a workaholic and has been ever since Evie’s mom walked out on them nearly twenty years ago. Being a single dad hasn’t been easy, but Brandon has worked hard to give his daughter a good life.

Now that Evie has moved out, though, it’s tough for Brandon to switch gears in his work life. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in forever, so there’s definitely a learning curve when he and Gen get together. I liked how the relationship isn’t instantly perfect. Brandon needs to learn how to balance work and family, now that Gen is in his life.

Brandon is faced with some tough choices, but ultimately he’s willing to go to great lengths to make Gen happy and show her how much he loves her. There’s some mild but brief drama, which is easily subdued thanks to some well done groveling on Brandon’s part.

The Temperance Falls series is taboo romance done right. I’m quite picky about my taboo books and in a less capable author’s hands, this series could have been a complete mess. But it really works for me.

Rating: 4 stars


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