The DNF List

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The DNF List

Here’s a wrap-up of the books I started but did not finish over the past week and a half or so.

What You Need by Lorelei James

This one was kind of surprising because I love Lorelei James’s Blacktop Cowboys series, so I was hoping to enjoy this first book in her contemporary Need You series. Unfortunately, the hero is a CEO (not my favorite) and there just wasn’t anything special about him or the heroine to draw me into the story.

One Night Charmer by Maisey Yates

So much sadness over this DNF! I really like the Copper Ridge series but this one sucker punched me when it turned into a View Spoiler » I’ll definitely continue the series, but I had high hopes for this one and was disappointed.

All I Need Is You by Wendy S. Marcus

Another disappointment because I read and loved The V-Spot by this author. This book has a totally different tone–not lighthearted and fun, but instead lots of unnecessary drama and a confusing timeline of events.

Hidden Impact by Piper J. Drake

This started out so promising: an Asian heroine (hooray!) and a nice build-up of sexual tension. This wasn’t enough to hold my interest because the actual suspense element moved along too slowly for me.

Wicked Ties by Shayla Black

I eluded to this one briefly in my review for Decadent–basically, I could tell pretty clearly where the author was headed and it didn’t work for me. It’s interesting how her books in the same series vary as far as the level or intensity. I can handle the light stuff, but not the heavier.

I’m in the middle of a really great ARC right now, so I’m sure that one won’t be a DNF. Hopefully my next wrap-up will be shorter and I’ll have more luck with my next few reads.

4 responses to “The DNF List

  1. Christine Maria Rose

    I have to comment on your list!

    Ugh! Secret baby! My least favourite trope too.
    I love the V-Spot by Wendy Marcus, but I also didn’t care so much for her newer series. I keep trying to convince her to do a wrestling series with some of the guys from the V-Spot 😀
    Wicked Ties was my first Shayla Black, and one of my first erotic romances, so a real eye opener. I still like it, but I’ve read better since then. I’m really enjoying her Perfect Gentlemen series with Lexi Blake.

    • Surprise/secret babies are the bane of my existence, argh!

      I loved The V-Spot soooo much, so I had high hopes for anything else by her. I would love to read about the other characters from that book!

      I have the first book from the Perfect Gentlemen series on my TBR 🙂

      • Christine Maria Rose

        I wish more people had picked up the V-Spot, it’s such a cute sexy story!

        Surprise babies are the bane of my existence too! Nothing worse than getting part way into the story and the heroine gets pregnant. (Or they skip the birth control at the beginning and you KNOW what’s going to happen). I also don’t care much for when the woman has a child and the guy finds out later it’s his. (But I do like single parent romances).

        The first story in the Perfect Gentlemen introduces a lot of characters, and was 4 stars for me. But I loved book 2, Seduction in Session! That ones on my ‘best of’ list.

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