Weekly Recap: Ho-Ho-Holidays

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Weekly Recap

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Current Reads

I’m almost finished with the audiobook of Stud Finder by Lauren Blakely, which might be one of the only books by her that I actively dislike. Well, not dislike…more like, I’m indifferent to it? I also started The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis, in anticipation of the Passionflix movie! They posted a teaser trailer and omggg it looks amazing. 😍 Lastly, I’m also working on Wild Trail by A.M. Arthur, an m/m cowboy romance that I like so far…but I’m having trouble keeping track of all the various characters.

Life or Something Like It

As we do every year, my boyfriend and I went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, which meant that all we had to do was show up and eat because they do all the cooking. 🙏 I was shocked to learn that both of my parents now own smartphones, which they recently bought. They are not technically savvy at all (other than doing basic things on a desktop), so it was funny to see my sister walk them through the steps of using them. My dad joked about wanting to sign up for Twitter so he could tweet at Tr*mp and I was just thinking DEAR GOD PLEASE DON’T. 😫

After that, Michael and I braved the Thanksgiving Day shopping crowds long enough to pick up my Target online order in store. We got there right after 6 PM, just in time to spot a long line of shoppers filing in. Luckily, since I had an online order, all I had to do was go straight to customer service and pick it up. We briefly browsed after that, but we were in and out of the store in less than half an hour. And I got a new Kindle for $50! SCORE.

Light My (Kindle) Fire
I’m fickle when it comes to ereaders and have had a few over the years. I actually had a first generation Kindle Fire when they were first released and HATED it. It was so slow, even when just typing something on the screen, there was a noticeable lag time. Plus, I kind of screwed up the system when I chose to root it and install the Android OS, replacing the Fire OS. It worked great for a while, then kept giving me errors, so I gave up on it.

I saw that the latest Kindle Fire was going to be on sale at Target and Amazon for the same price (regularly $79.99, on sale for $49.99 😱), so I decided to give the Fire another try. I tested a demo model in the store first before ordering it online. I’ve been using it the past few days and I’m pretty amazed at how much the Fire has improved since that poor first-gen model. No more lag times and the display is a lot nicer, plus apps run way more smoothly and quickly. My only complaint so far is that the Kindle fonts aren’t as crisp as I would like; I’m used to the super-nice display of the iPad Mini I had been reading on, which is noticeably clearer. But it’s a tiny complaint, considering I only spent $50 on this thing. Sidenote: this is not a sponsored post, I’m just really excited about getting a new Kindle for $50. 😃 With as much reading as I do, I can’t wait to fill this up with all the romance novels!

It’s funny, I used to HATE Christmas years ago, back when I was going through some stuff and just wasn’t doing well in general. I was a super Grinch. Now that things are better, I really do enjoy the holidays…and not just the commercial, gifty parts (though those are obviously nice, too).

We put up our Christmas tree last night and it was fun to see it take shape with the many ornaments we’ve collected over time. We have a tradition of playing holiday music while decorating the tree; sometimes it’s Mariah Carey and *NSYNC (my playlist), other times like yesterday, it’s Rob Halford and Metal Xmas (Michael’s playlist), haha. It’s just nice to enjoy the time together and traditions like this…they’re pretty special. I also love reading on the couch with the tree all lit up and pretty. 🙂

Hope you have a great week!

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