Weekly Recap: Housekeeping and Birthday Plans

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Weekly Recap

Latest Reviews

Romance Reveal Book Box – June
Heat by Opal Carew (4 stars)

Current Reads

Hidden Hearts by Olivia Dade (Contemporary, Digital ARC from NetGalley)
The Hot One by Carolyn Murnick (True Crime, Digital ARC from NetGalley)

Books Acquired

Opening Up by Lauren Dane (Print, Early birthday gift from my friend Liz!)
Falling Under by Lauren Dane (Print, same as above!)

Blog Housekeeping

No new reviews posted this week. I’ve actually finished three books recently, but I can’t post my reviews yet. I was asked to be a first-round judge for a book buyers’ contest, but the contest is still ongoing. So, I’ll be posting my reviews for those books when the contest ends in the fall.

Life or Something Like It

  • My personal blog has been dormant for over a year, oops. I finally went through and deleted all my entries except for the sticky post with a link to this site. Now, what to do with that blog? I’d really like to start blogging there again regularly, but think I’d need writing prompts to keep me writing consistently. So I’m still not sure what direction I want to go.
  • The library’s Summer Reading Challenge kicked off a couple weeks ago, so I’m bracing myself for another whirlwind summer at work.
  • I upgraded my iPhone 6S Plus to the 7 Plus. Ooh, shiny.
  • I saw Wonder Woman yesterday and loved it! I’m not a big DC or Marvel fan but I’ve loved Wonder Woman ever since I was a kid, mainly from the TV show. I think they did an amazing job with the movie. The lasso of truth (my favorite of Diana’s weapons) was in fine form.
  • Holiday/Birthday plans! I’m off work for July 4th, so I’ll be hanging out with my family for part of that. No plans to go see fireworks–although we live close enough to the oceanfront that we get enough of the noise to freak out our poor dog. Then the 5th is my birthday! I took that day off and plan on reading, being lazy, eating lots of cake, and seeing The Beguiled. I don’t go to the theater much, so two movies in one week has got to be some kind of record for me!

Have a great week! 🙂

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